Filming Incentives in Northern Ontario

Hideaway Pictures is situated in Sudbury, Ontario. 
Choosing Northern Ontario as the region to mount your production has many benefits:

  • Ontario has a competitive tax credit program, intended to attract investments from filmmakers worldwide. For more information regarding OPSTC and OFTTC tax credits, visit Northern Ontario has an additional incentive program through the NOHFC. Incentive programs provide a grant based on Northern expenditures and hires. These incentives make Northern Ontario one of the most highly incentivized production hubs in the world.
  • Access to a wide talent pool to draw Northern crew members from. Great Northern Ontario hospitality!
  • An enormous variety of location shooting options, from downtown to suburban, rural farmland to boreal forest wilderness, with many beaches, schools, restaurants and other interesting looks to choose from.
  • The Greater Sudbury Airport, located less than 30 minutes from Northern Ontario Film Studio and Hideaway Pictures services flights throughout Northern Ontario and direct to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. North Bay and Sault Ste. Marie also feature airports with connecting flights to Toronto.
  • No film permit fees.
  • Seasonal backdrops and location diversity, city to wilderness landscapes within minutes of each other. Pristine and undeveloped natural areas not found anywhere else in the world.
  • Northern Ontario’s four seasons of changing landscapes and colours to inspire the poet, painter and filmmaker inside. This unique vista gives our clients a diverse choice in look, feel and style to incorporate into each production. And each production centre brings a unique array of rural and suburban looks that productions can take advantage of.